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Art Curation

CAP designs and curates analog and virtual art exhibitions by presenting promising artists of different disciplines, or proposing cutting-edge topics for an exhibition and bringing ideas and conceptions to a professional realization.


CAP also responds to this need of young collectors who has desire for art, with providing education on the fundamentals of art collecting through a series of workshops, interactive experiences, and purchasing opportunities and to make the purchasing decision confidently.


Art Event Production

CAP is experienced with many different types of art exhibitions and their technical production. So CAP can help to produce classical art exhibitions of painting, sculpture or video but has also expertise in digital formats and new media art production.


CAP has broad knowledge in organising art events, such as vernissage, art workshops, expert symposia, artist talks and interactive formats, but also livestreaming, virtual tours and augmented reality applications also another newest technology.


Marketing and Communication Strategy

CAP will support the clients Brand, Company and Talent that produce Artworks, Products and services. We will provide the suitable expert for each clients, who will share right marketing & promotion plan until the ready to the market.

Based on our experience in creating and consulting in past exhibitions, international companies, smart city projects, also based on our network in Europe, Asia and other countries.


Artcubator is a creative development program that invites all media artists, technologist, local business, in conjuction with partner to enrich skill and create more meaningful projects.


These creative collaborations transfer skills in art, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. Through digital and new media art workshops, we facilitate dialogue and explorations of the future art innovation. 

By doing so, we are creating a talent pool consist of skilled artist/technicians for then we distribute them to our ongoing projects, or we introduce them to potential exhibitions and collaborations.

Talk to us about: 

Technical training | Art to produce | Collaborations | Internships


We have local and international access with distinguish art partner. Now you can too!

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We partner up with only the best mentor to advance your skills.



An opportunity to be featured in art exhibitions and festivals and be recognized in the art world.


The festival focuses on showcasing cutting-edge media artworks. We aim to source exhibitors and participants from within the media art industry whose works are interesting in reality and not limited to concepts on paper.

MAG20_QuantumLand of PosterA4_final.jpeg

MAG20_Quantum Land

Jakarta, Indonesia

Media Art Globale (MAG) is an art, technology and science themed festival showcasing cutting edge works held every two years. MAG is having the idea of “marking the era”  by holding its 2020 exhibition virtually. The event is titled “Quantum Land” and the five realms.


Ars Electronica_Prisma Garden Indonesia

Prisma Garden showcases 5 distinct Indonesian artists whose works depict their restlessness and hope on the current situation and sets the expectation that spectators will apply their empirical experience and understanding gained from the artworks.

01Media Art Globale 2019_ Transhuman Cod

Media Art Globale Festival

Jakarta, Indonesia

The festival will focus on showcasing cutting-edge media artworks. We aim to source exhibitors and participants from within the media art industry whose works are interesting in reality and not limited to concepts on paper.​


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