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CAP aims to present new and exceptionally strong work by established artists and emerging artists based in Asia and Europe, and is committed to exhibiting contemporary work of all disciplines.


Ars Electronica, Spicetopia
Linz, Austria


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MAG20_QuantumLand of PosterA4_final.jpeg

MAG20_Quantum Land

Jakarta, Indonesia

Media Art Globale (MAG) is an art, technology and science themed festival showcasing cutting edge works held every two years. Due to the exceptional circumstances happening globally where people have had to change their way of life and routines, home and nature consequently are becoming the best places where activities can continue, and therefore this year, MAG is having the idea of “marking the era”  by holding its 2020 exhibition virtually. The event is titled “Quantum Land” and the five realms.

01Media Art Globale 2019_ Transhuman Cod

Media Art Globale Festival

Jakarta, Indonesia

The festival will focus on showcasing cutting-edge media artworks. We aim to source exhibitors and participants from within the media art industry whose works are interesting in reality and not limited to concepts on paper.​


DASSxHelloRiso_IG_Main Poster.jpg

DASS - Hello Riso
Jakarta, Indonesia 


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Ars Electronica_Prisma Garden Indonesia

Prisma Garden showcases 5 distinct Indonesian artists whose works depict their restlessness and hope on the current situation and sets the expectation that spectators will apply their empirical experience and understanding gained from the artworks.


MAG - Ars Electronica
Linz, Austria

Its an honour of Media Art Globale Festival to invited by Ars Electronica to participated in 40th years Ars Electronica at Linz, Austria.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Connected Art Platform (CAP) presents Digital Art Shuffle Show consisting of artworks from national and international artists.

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Wave Of Tomorrow 

Jakarta, Indonesia

The Biggest of Art Technology & Music Festival in Indonesia.


Versus Virus, Hackathon

CAP founder participated to the one of 42  hi light team who won the 1st Hackathon Versus Virus in Switzerland.

03.04 - 05.04.2020.



Versus Virus, Hackathon

CAP founder participated to the one of 42  hi light team who won the 1st Hackathon Versus Virus in Switzerland.

03.04 - 05.04.2020.


Speaker at Ars Electronica

In its 40 years of existence, Ars Electronica has built up a vast network of partners and friends all around the world. In this session, the focus will be on exactly these connections, shared research endeavors, and cooperations, showcasing projects and insights from current research, artistic projects, and experiments.


Moderated by:

  • Horst Hörtner (AT), Director Ars Electronica Futurelab


Steinegerta, Liechtenstein

Artists: Fauzie As`ad, Annette W.Talsi, Valerio Vincenzo, Joana Bernd, Abenk Alter, Mahendra Nazer, Nathania Valentine, Nisa Elvira, Karin Josephine, Ayu Desianti, Onel, Popo Mangun, Ali Hamzah, Talitha Maranitha, Widi Pangestu Sugiono, Hally Ahmad & Daniel Göttin. 


Prisma Art Project, Rheinfelden

Indonesian`s Artist: ANGKI PURBANDONDO, 
PAPS (Prison Art Programs)
“In the Name of Leaf”
(Project about diversity, nature & human being with technology as medium dialog
that connecting Switzerland & Indonesia in LIVE streaming during the Vernissage)


Prisma Art Project, Zurich

The Experience was learning to communicate the two different concepts which could produce better visual data analytics of the two projects and build broader communities of visitors.

​The content was the combination of the concepts of Globalisation (Mona Liem) and Glocalisation –  (Cordelia Oppliger). The combination aimed to refresh and produce a whole new perception of communication in exhibitions. In this context, the combination of New Media Art (2.0), virtual art installation, live streaming and classic New Media  (photo, drawing and classical video) is discussed. 


Ubrux Davos

For the 1st time Morosani Hotel in Davos, Switzerland, open an art exhibition organise by CAP to present Budi Ubrux from Jogyakarta, Indonesia.

This is the 2nd time of Ubrux do the exhibition after 20years ago.


Borderline Exhibition,




Budi Ubrux,

National of Gallery, Indonesia



Invitation_exhibitionKunsthalle15 copy.j

You print it...

Kunsthalle Zurich

Presentation of new ephemeral productions by AES+F., åyr, Peter Aerschmann, Beni Bischof, Maja Cule, Critical Art Ensemble, DullTech™, Karl Holmqvist, Marcus Kraft, Juan López, Meier & Franz, Modeling Agency (Janus Hom & Martyn Reynolds), Helena Hernández and Rafael Koller aka The Niñxs, Sarah Ortmeyer, Angki Purbandono, PUNK IS DADA, Rosalie Schweiker & Maria Guggenbichler, Stipan Tadic, Britta Thie, Valentin Hauri, Valerio Pellegrini, Eva Vuillemin + Ruth Erdt.

contr-shift-+_02 copy.jpg

Control / Shift / Plus

Museum Bärengasse, Zurich

CONTROL / SHIFT / PLUS  is a joint exhibition by students of the international CAS/MAS programme in Curating at ZHdK with their individual artists. It will show a variety of different artist practices from photography to installative works to video art and performance pieces.

The exhibition was not intended as a group show, but all of the works loosely dealt with topics on the controlling of societies and territories and the shifting of the meaning of places and things.

L.O.S.T Project.jpg

L.O.S.T. Project

Curator: Mona Liem

a joint exhibition by students of the international CAS/MAS programme

Valerio Vincenzo – Borderline Project

Paloma Ayala – What escaped corruption is extremely precious

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