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Indonesia’s rich cultural diversity is at the same time its power and challenge, when it comes to preserving the country’s cultural heritage.

Its farming life, traditional music, natural resources, wealth of spices and culinary culture all permeate daily life and are represented in “Reinstate” through sound-, performance- and video art, as well as augmented reality.

We have created 5 realms based on specific sites of Indonesian cultural heritage: Borobudur Temple, Tana Toraja, Monumen Nasional (Monas), Uluwatu Temple and Gadang Tower Clock. Each realm in this show is hosted by a different artist. In the case of Uluwatu, the temple is represented by twenty artists from the DASS collective.

Indonesia’s natural treasures, found in its seas, mountains and forests spread over 17,000 islands, are the country’s pride and glory. Our traditions, myths, religions and arts blend with local wisdoms to be showcased in this garden. “Reinstate” shows Indonesia in a new light, bringing local Indonesian artists to a global forefront.

Curated by Mona Liem



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