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The festival focuses on showcasing cutting-edge media artworks. We aim to source exhibitors and participants from within the media art industry whose works are interesting in reality and not limited to concepts on paper.​ 


Creates opportunities for artists, designers, art practitioners in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, both established and emerging, to have dialogues and develop their potentials.

Provides a platform where students could learn from artists, scientists, curators, researchers, businessman AND discuss, develop also create works together in the form of art works, journals and products. 


CAP creates and organises various art events, such as workshops, expert symposia, live streaming or interactive art events. CAP is also participating in other art events or festivals such as the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz with own contributions. 


CAP initiates, curates and designs exhibitions in various places to give artists from different countries a platform in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Indonesia, and other International countries. 


CAP archives photo & video related with exhibitions, events, festivals that CAP have and our team experiences.