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Artcubator is a creative development program that invites all media artists, technologist, local business, in conjuction with partner to enrich skill and create more meaningful projects.


These creative collaborations transfer skills in art, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. Through digital and new media art workshops, we facilitate dialogue and explorations of the future art innovation. 

By doing so, we are creating a talent pool consist of skilled artist/technicians for then we distribute them to our ongoing projects, or we introduce them to potential exhibitions and collaborations.

Talk to us about: 

Technical training | Art to produce | Collaborations | Internships


Contact us now for more info. Complete the Open Call Form.


We have local and international access with distinguish art partner. Now you can too!


We partner up with only the best mentor to advance your skills.



An opportunity to be featured in art exhibitions and festivals and be recognized in the art world.

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