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Creative Hall by CAP, New gig on the MBloc

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

CAP provides a space where art practitioners connect and build network, share knowledge and experience and ultimately lead to collaborative projects and exhibitions. ​CAP's mission is to enrich the relationship between artists and brand-companies. CAP is built on a vision of using art, creativity, and education to open up possibilities for every individual to grow globally.

CAP hosts a series of events that give additional values for the artists, institutions, companies and art enthusiasts by allowing them to engage with one another while celebrating and acquiring the knowledge and skills.​

Experienced brands use several support systems to guide their decisions when collaborating with suitable Artists. CAP responds to the need from market with providing education on the fundamentals of art collecting through a series of workshops, interactive experiences, and purchasing and create opportunities.

By becoming a part of this community you will not only receive resources for yourself, but through your patronage CAP will continue to expand its support of other artists such as facilitating various open call exhibitions and art residency programmes.

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