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n o t a n l a b

"c o l o ( u r )"

“Our characters regarding Indonesian Flora app.” The installation will produce emotional analysis results of colors
drawn by the audience to color the illustrations. This technology-based art tells us that emotions and luck can be
influenced by the psychological colors they believe in.


*This application is best viewed and access on a high resolution screen 1920px x 1280px. It is not accessible on mobile devices and smaller screen than this specified size.



A colorful world
We’ve been everywhere
We’ve lost everything
But we’re standing
We’re breathing
Under the each color
Every colour on the street
Has a meaning of each story
Everyone live in life day by day
But we would start it
We should start again ourselves
Put on the new colors again



Or surrounds humans physically and psychologically, influencing life in many ways, even though most humans are unaware the impact. Emotions, moods, and even luck can be influenced by the psychology of color that everyone believes in.

Because every color can has a meaning that varies depending on culture and circumstances.

Apart from not being aware of the impact, humans are still unaware "color" in him, Humans have their "color" each.

Every color may also vary depending on the situation and conditions. Each person also likes to play with "colors".

A non verbal communication.
Color is also not static energy and what it means can change from one day to the next for each individual.


All depending on what energy they were expressing at that moment.
In choosing the color of clothes on a particular day and this can indicate one or more psychological meanings of the color,
for example, it's a color her favorite, or maybe she's excited to do something, maybe he was feeling angry.


That possibility is also based on the fraction classification of these colors. This can happen at either a conscious or subtle level aware.

Knowing the color trend issued by each individual produce a psychological analysis that is influenced by life experiences, imagination, emotions, as well as the character of the individual.

Psychological analysis of the color trends produced by each Individuals can be aware of or have no effect on life next.

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