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Naufal Abshar

“I bet U love my Garden”

A young and talented Indonesian’s artist, Naufal Abshar, who longs for the return of lush greeneries in the city after
they have been replaced by the concrete jungle, projects his interpretation of the ideal Jakarta in his imaginary
gardens artworks.


Who does not love to have a beautiful Garden?

Garden can give you peace and calm in between your hectic life. If you live in a house with a garden, you can apprerciate the solace and peace that a garden can give. Garden is the essential facilities and system serving a city, houses, offices or other areas. The presence of garden is pivotal to balance its health and psychological function.It’s composed of public and private- physical and psychological improvements providing commodities for people. By itself, a garden is where you can rest,recharge, relax and appreciate nature. Nevetheless, what if this pivotal infrastructure is missing in your house, office or even city? What if most gardens are replaced by commercial spaces?

This video art- format  illustrates a person that representing the common people who live in the city of Indonesia, are missing their roots of experiencing nature. People,especially who live in the city is experiencing a depression on having good private or public garden. The depression illustrated by a person painting  various type of plants and depicting digital image of gardens placed in his concrete backyard. He paints all plants including Indonesia’s special plans and place it on the pots, so he can reconstruct the essence of real plants and have an imaginary garden

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