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“Virtual Tour journey of Tea Plantation in Indonesia"

Another noticeable work by Motionbeast takes us on a tour of an expansive and beautiful tea plantationin West Java,
telling a story about the humble tea, one of Indonesia’s best natural assets and their incredible journey from mountain hill to coffee tables inevery corner of the world.


Motionbeast - Virtual Tour journey of Tea Plantation in Indonesia

We met a tea farmer at the plantation and he told us a story about the habit of drinking tea among the farmers and their families.

They usually enjoy drinking freshly harvested tea from the plantation, that they brew by themselves — not factory-made bottled tea that we can easily find anywhere.

We believe that every country has its own ‘tea’ culture. To us Indonesians, this ‘tea culture’ may seem less sacred compared to other countries. We see it as a form of warmth, friendliness, and taste. To us, tea brings us together. The habit of drinking tea has become a legacy and it will continue to be passed down to the next generation in the future.


We hope that traditional way, Indonesian style of enjoying tea can continue to live without being undermined by excessive modernization.


The process

Why tea plantation?


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