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Art Gallery



CAP designs and curates analog and virtual art exhibitions by presenting promising artists of different disciplines, or proposing cutting-edge topics for an exhibition and bringing ideas and conceptions to a professional realization.


CAP also responds to this need of young collectors who has desire for art, with providing education on the fundamentals of art collecting through a series of workshops, interactive experiences, and purchasing opportunities and to make the purchasing decision confidently.


CAP is experienced with many different types of art exhibitions and their technical production. So CAP can help to produce classical art exhibitions of painting, sculpture or video but has also expertise in digital formats and new media art production. Alike CAP has broad knowledge in organising art events, such as vernissage, art workshops, expert symposia, artist talks and interactive formats, but also livestreaming, virtual tours and augmented reality applications also another newest technology.


CAP will support the clients Brand, Company and Talent that produce Artworks, Products and services. We will provide the suitable expert for each clients, who will share right marketing & promotion plan until the ready to the market.

Based on our experience in creating and consulting in past exhibitions, international companies, smart city projects, also based on our network in Europe, Asia and other countries.

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