Budi Ubrux

Budi “Ubrux” Haryono is among the most unique Indonesian contemporary painters. Ubrux express his enduring sense of nationalism, a never failing concern for innovation of artistic expression and the less fortunate in society.

Goenawan Mohammad

Goenawan Mohamad is a leading literary figure in Indonesia who also produce visual artworks. Widely known for his 12 volumes of literary essays and 7 books of poetry, he is currently one of the most exhibited painters in Indonesia: his works have been parts of 6 exhibitions since mid-2017. They are marked by an eclectic virtuosity and a witty and poetic style.

Joanna Bernd

begann 2015 ihr Textildesign-Studium an der HAW-Hamburg.

Neben ihrer Affinität zum haptischen Design entwickelte sie dort ein wachsendes Interesse an der

freien Kunst. Das Ausleben der Emotionalität, und Intensität eben dieser, ermöglichen ihr eine stetige

Entfaltung im ku╠łnstlerischen Bereich.

Heli Vaisanen

Heli is a printmaker, ceramic artist and Freinet school teacher. She has studied art therapy and

empowering photography. She's a member of both Pori and Rauma Artist associations and the Rauma

Printmakers Association. She is also a member of Keramos, a group of ceramic artists. Heli takes part in

groups, like the 'Pouta - group' and the 'Piilevä – group'.

Annette Wells Talsi

Annette Wells Talsi grew up in the countryside near Stonehenge and from an early age she formed a deep association with the landscape. She Studied Fine Art Printmaking at Norwich School of Art and later went on to study at Bretton Hall, Leeds, for her Master of Arts in Fine Art.

Valerio Vincenzo

Independent photographer, working both on assignment for the press and on long-term artistic projects.

Represented by Hanslucas (France) and DeBeeldunie (Netherlands).

Angki Purbandono 

Prison Art Programs (PAPs)

Works and lives in Yogyakarta since 1990, is a leading Indonesian

contemporary photographer. Born 1971 in Kendal, Angki constantly challenges general perceptions in

the field of photography.

Senimart Artists

These young artists are mainly based in Jakarta, Bandung, and Jogjakarta, three urban cities in

Indonesia well-known to give a lot of impact to the contemporary art scene in Indonesia.

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